Gun control in Iraq

As seen on Russian TV… “Toy Kalashnikovs are not in demand in stores now; but (or for) almost every Baghdadi family has a real one at home.”

Fair enough. But what for? To shoot into the air in celebration of an American plane grounded? Anyway, don’t count on those folks to ever point their AK-47m’s at Hussein. They like their toys, that’s all. But to fight? No, thank you; we like whatever comfort is left for us to enjoy.

Poe: “Scandinavia is dying a slow and shameful death, drowning in comfort, cowardice and sloth — a horrid end for a once-proud people.” They can afford to enjoy it at last, those blond bastards, — Comfort! I’m happy they can, I really am. If only we — our children at least — were rewarded in the same manner, with a life of Comfort and Sloth. And pride, Mr.  Good Christian, — pride is a deadly sin. The proud will fall, sooner or later, and deservedly (not to mention that  most people take pride in what is not their own). So nuff of this Nietzschean rhetoric! Don’t you know that abstract ideologies caused Nazism?

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