More jottings

We are going to Egypt for the extended Russian holiday, so there should be a two-week pause in my blogging, although few if anyone will notice it. Let’s hope nothing happens down there by the Red Sea. The two of us will have to manage our little boss for nearly two weeks without interruption — that’s what really scares me (in addition to flight and SARS panic).

I’ve got a few things to write about, but I need some time off to put my thoughts together.

Ren-TV, a relatively pro-Western Russian TV channel, tells its own version of Gulf War II: Americans bought off Iraqi generals so Pentagon was busy imitating war more than fighting it.

A story of a 1986 hijacking of a Soviet plane by two soldiers on Russian TV. The flight attendants, or stewardesses, to use the same word as Russians — indeed we’re talking about ladies only — so the stewardesses were the real heroes of more than one famous hijacking. As is always the case with Russian women.

Racism and propaganda in the former USSR.

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