[Russian schools in Latvia]

If I were the President of the Russian Federation, and happened to be fixated on helping Russians in Latvia, I would amply finance a network of private Russian schools in that Baltic country. They would be equally open to students of all ethnicities, and its curriculae would include Latvian for sure, but Russian would be the language of instruction, and Russian literature a major subject. Since Latvia has five times fewer people than Moscow, financing the project would be no Herculean feat. After all, I could always ask, politely, that Russian oil companies contribute to the noble cause! I’d make sure those schools are well staffed and comply to the highest academic standards, i.e., are no dumbed-down post-modern educariums. If so, before long ethnic Latvians and ethnic Russians alike will be competing for admission.

It wouldn’t be an inequality-reducing transfer, for an average Russian in Latvia is better off than an average Russian in Russia. But hey, if I really, really made a point of helping Russo-Latvians to prosper and overachieve, why not do it?

The weak link here is that, if a supernatural force installed my in the Kremlin, I’d run the country like a dictator, benevolent as one can get, and decently intentioned, but a dictator, and thus delusional in some respects. Certainly so about this idea. In real life, Latvian Russians had better learn to be a minority on their own; to rely on themselves; and (yes you’re right you faux lesbians), not to believe, not to fear, and not to beg anybody. They may not be loved, but will be envied.

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