Thinking about that colored white supremacist, Felton, I feel sorry. For him, as an untreated psychopath, and even more for his whole life that went so bitterly wrong. His early years held out so much promise. A child of an interracial couple, raised in a non-traditional family, and a talented guy, albeit neurotic (many talented people are neurotic; some are psychopaths, but the outcome depends on how their impulses are channeled), — he could have become somebody. Somebody who is creative without being intolerant. Instead, he got himself in jail, and there, amidst the violence and ethnic/racial gangs, no wonder he joined one of them.

The wilest deeds like poison-weeds

Bloom well in prison-air:

It is only what is good in Man

That wastes and withers there.

Pale Anguish keeps the heavy gate

And the Warder is Despair.


Note, however, that Felton became a sort of intellectual and spiritual leader of lowlife Aryans — proof that he is no ordinary jerk. On leaving the prison he got completely unhinged.

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