July 7, 2003 by AK

NRO hitting rock bottom on July 4?

When I read stories like this one and this one at NRO, they make me want to scream, “F–k public morality! Sodomize it!” Still, Goldberg, a ridiculous youngster he becomes on too many occasions, is perfectly reasonable on gay marriage: let federalism work, after all!

Michael Ledeen is defending Berlusconi and making a fool of himself. Berlusconi is not worth defending, really; but with or without him, the EU is going to become more of a union and less of an assemblage. With the unification, there will come labor and capital mobility (and uniform rules for doing business across the Continent) — and that should finally spark growth. The sooner, the better. By Jove, do sacrifice the goddamn nation-state for the economy’s sake!

Ledeen’s at his best when he reports: “Later this month, he will fly to Crawford, Texas, to deepen his already strong personal friendship with the Bushes…” (how lovely!), and at his bestest when he addeth: “Thankfully, George W. Bush remembers his friends, especially those who share his values, as Berlusconi does. Both are passionate and outspoken freedom fighters. Both are deeply religious.”

Come on, Mike, this guy controls $15 billion in assets. Isn’t it enough to buy off all the investigators in the world? Even your beloved Ken.

Finally, Dinesh D’Souza penned his own 10 theses pro America (What to Love about the United States). Some are OK; other are ludicrous, as the facts they are premised on are non-facts. The piece is sweetly silly, but it doesn’t matter. It’s the Burkean attitude that annoys me: “To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely”. That’s easy, folks, and earns you no merit points. Try to love a country that’s ugly and infanticidal.


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