[The eXile’s War Nerd]

The eXile is a lampoonish paper a purple gang of expats publishes in Moscow. A good old pal of mine once described one of their editors, who he happened to know, as a unsurpassable asshole; judging by the content, I would have to concur.

Yet there’s one eXile columnist, a Gary Brecher of Fresno, a.k.a. the War Nerd, who is currently the paper’s chief claim to atonement (not counting their nightlife register). The War Nerd understands a few simple things that other armchair warriors refuse to understand. For instance, that it feels bad to be occupied. Occupation, whatever they may say, is a big humiliation for those in the passive position, so don’t be surprised if… Yes, history is a poor teacher. Iraq: the “Duh!” Theory.

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