[Russian TV news]

A pretty interesting evening news issue on NTV.

A Russian scientist who worked with Kelly on a weapons mission in Iraq says his British colleague did not seem a kind of person likely to commit suicide. He is also convinced that Iraq almost certainly had no bacterial weapons.

Fourteen African students seized the embassy of the Central African Republic in Moscow demanding payment of their stipends (apparently, from their governments).

The Moscow city government enacts employment regulations that virtually equate out-of-town workers with aliens. (As if being one of the most corrupt city governments in the world were not enough, they make sure to blatantly breach the Constitution itself.)

A Russian cosmonaut on board the International Space Station gets married to an American girl of Russian descent. CBS broadcasts the ceremony from Houston: the Texas law allows wedding with only one of the wedders present.

A Russian movie director is shooting a movie in Ukraine about three Russian-born German residents who robbed a bank and managed to drive through Germany and Poland escaping the chase, only to be captured by the Ukrainian police. The director does not see his characters as gangsters, rather as people driven to extremes by “circumstances”. (Give me a break, man! There are no such circumstances in Germany; and even if there were, robbing a bank is not necessary for survival.)

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