As I’ve said, Mark Ames of eXile is a [self-sensored], but I must have erred along with everybody else when I took his pro-drug piece at face value. “There’s a share of joke in every joke,” Russians have taken to saying lately. Ames is a raving lunatic, so there’s a share of lunacy in his controlled rants. Drugs are fun, and Americans are puritanical killjoys. Fine with me. I don’t have the urge to agree or disagree with every bloody statement anymore. Why bother? When I hear, “The Earth is flat,” I don’t feel like arguing. It’s amusing to imagine living on a huge pancake resting on big fat PETA-protected whales. I’d be spending aeons slouching along the edge waiting for a centrifugal force to blow me away.

Nonetheless, I can’t hold back my destructive impulses, so here’s a few Ames links. (Actually, some are Ames+Taibbi+Chen links, but that’s a trifling nuance).

Trenchant Warfare

Moscow’s Only Alternative

From Moscow with Lust

eXile on Red Square

If Oprah Can Do It

A Big Fat Greek Lie (kind of movie review)

Have fun.

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