August 28, 2003 by AK

Arnold at State Dept.?

Both the length and composition of the California hopefuls list, together with California’s status as the largest North American state and the world’s 5th economy, are enough to exonerate Europeans for their near-reflexive smirks and sneers. (I’d vote for Larry Flint, but that’s irrelevant.) Yes, Reagan was an actor, too (and a far less successful one), and he was quite hollywoodishly immature about the way he complained about high wartime taxes. One would think that paying 90% of a portion of one’s income while staying at home in the evergreen, ever Golden State, is quite a good deal to avoid feeding lice in the trenches. But that’s irrelevant, too. Reagan established himself as a leading conservative politicial in the 1960s, having converted to conservatism in the previous decade. His 1964 pro-Goldwater speech was quite an event in Republican history; but times change, and we all change along, getting dumb and dumber, so we shouldn’t expect much of whoever gets on the rostrum these days.

Foreign-born, Arnold cannot become President or VP, but he could be Secretary of State: Kissinger and Albright aren’t native-borns, either. Imagine him switching to German in the middle of a conversation with Villepin — not to postmodern German but straight, commanding Terminator speak…


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