Political self-gratification

A lot of right-wing American bloggers (either most US bloggers are conservative or I read mostly conservative blogs or both) have a habit of commenting on whatever news they pick in a self-righteous, “we’re right and they’re scum” way. It must boost their self-esteem to repeat on every occasion “we’re free, we’re hard-working, we’re smart, we’re the best, we rule, we’re the saviors, we kick ass; they are [censored].” See-no-evil attitudes are nothing new, of course, but my take is it’s a case of self-gratifying (i.e., masturbatory) behavior. In the eon of virtual sex, these folks jerks off by punditing.

There’s a different variety of bloggers, overly liberal Americans who see no good about their country, and youthfully libertarian Brits — chiefly masochists, it seems.

Balanced blogging is an oxymoron, right?

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