September 16, 2003 by AK

Grand Link Update

Long overdue. I’ve decided to quit using BlogRolling — that way, Glenn gets his hits not from me but from an abstract BlogRolling sidebar. I’m back to the primitive state now.

All right, let’s go through the new and not so new additions in an alphabetic order.

Alan K. Henderson is a mostly political, mostly conservative blogger with a global vision.

Paul Jané of All AgitProp, All the Time is one of the most persistent, tireless and hot-tempered bloggers I have come across. Paul, who appears to be based in Montreal, is hailed even in the darkest extremities of Blogistan as the inspired bard of ZiL and Chaika.

Baltic Blog is a board log of an American expat in Estonia.

Cinderella Bloggerfeller… I have a special weakness for this blog. Focused on Europe. Educating. Educated. Erudite. Generally amusing.

EuroPundits is a group blog where Nelson Ascher plays the first violin.

Interested-Participant is a conservative political blog covering the whole world.

LanguageHat is a first-rate language blog I have been reading for a while with great pleasure.

Lilli Marleen is a German lady blogging in English about pretty much everything, like myself.

Reflections in d minor has become primarily a musical weblog; still, Lynn S. occasionally turns to other subjects and treats them no less agreeably.


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