More scratch notes

Mondays should have long been abolished, but this one started suspiciously decently. I’ve got to stay on alert on this shortest day of the year. It was only this December that I discovered how depressive Moscow gets when it transits from autumn to winter. I have nothing better to do but accept this is because I haven’t hanged out within the Garden Ring much. Technically speaking, I am spending a lot of time there, let’s say working, but it’s been ages since I last passed the wee hours at a club. And I can’t remember dancing nights away in winter: they must be summer pleasances, those brief-night hangouts.

By the way, Armenia seems to be the only other country that can legally call its (excellent) brandy Cognac (there were two birthdays within the not-so-extended family yesterday). If you are a Francophobe, you might want to take advantage of this fact.

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