You would be well advised to read PF instead of my ramblings: he records in great and amusing detail his mighty journey across Yakutia and other East Siberian areas. (I’ve never made it to the other, eastern coast of Baikal.) Plus, there’s poetry and plenty of wit and everything you’d ever want from a blog. Except big politics, of course.

PF’s route is unique: I doubt any blogger will ever cover the enormous white spaces to get from Tynda to Neryungri to Yakutsk… Yakutia, as every Russian knows, “equals four Frances.” Five, actually, by land area, and it’s all permafrost, -40F=-40C considered nothing much in winter.

From me, a new Russian joke: Americans have finally found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq: a stock of vodka bottles left over by a team of Russian oilmen.

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