Plane crash update

This is what I’ve been able to extract from various Russian news sources.

  1. Traces of explosives have been found on one of the two crash sites.

  2. There was a Chechen woman on either plane; no one has phoned to inquire about them–in contrast to all the other passengers with two or three inquiries per capita.

  3. It doesn’t take a large amount of that particular explosive to dehermetize a plane, a near-sure way to disaster.

  4. A plausible scenario runs like this. Either women carried one or two or more pieces of the explosive the size of two soap bars. They were shell-less and so passed all metal detectors. They could have carried a fuse on themselves, even in their private cavities.

  5. Once in a plane restroom, each woman could easily put together the simple bomb and set it off. It wouldn’t destroy the plane at once, put the pilot would have very little time and an unrealistic amount of luck to land the plane safely.

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