The Asian Wall Street Journal runs a story on Putin and the Russian oil sector, Putin’s Pipe Dream, full of factual errors and dubious statements.

In these days of expensive oil, LNG is all the rage and no one mentions how Gazprom is going to fit in. Strange.

The Korea Herald claims “the ethnic Chinese account for about 4 percent of the Indonesian population, but own roughly 75 percent of its private economy, including its largest conglomerates.” Surely no single minority is as successful in Russia.

The Economist observes the state of Russian movie-making: “Home-made movies are beginning to attract big audiences again.” Russia has been producing good but arthousey movies without interruption; Hollywood produce dominates the local market. But it’s all going to change now:

Until recently, Russia’s highest-grossing film was “The Return of the King”, the third instalment in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. But this month that record was broken by a local blockbuster: “Night Watch” has earned around $15m since it opened in mid-July.

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