October 18, 2004 by AK

Bits of news

1. I have been linked by Colby Cosh, reputedly one of the two best Canadian conservative journalists. The other must be Mark Steyn, whom I cannot stand despite his wit. Loads of thanks, Colby.

2. I have added Neeka’s Backlog to the list on the left. Along with the authors of The Periscope, Veronica, based in Russia and Ukraine, write for euro-correspondent.com.

3. My daughter (getting closer and closer to four… as we’re getting older) enjoys watching Scooby Doo in Turkish.

4. My daughter despises freshly sqeezed juices for not being transparent.

5. The author of the poem right below is Yevgeny A. Baratynsky (Boratynsky).


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