Am imaginary look from Donetsk

This one is purely speculative

  1. Our region and its neighbors produce most of this nation’s GDP — let’s just say wealth. Granted, our oligarchs syphon off most of this wealth but some trickles down to us, too.

  2. The good people in the streets of Kiev want to break the oligarchs’ monopoly on power. We wouldn’t mind that, too. But we don’t trust their leaders.

  3. Their leaders are oligarchs from other parts of Ukraine who aren’t satisfied with what they’ve got. When they grab assets from our local oligarchs, we’ll be even worse off.

  4. Also, when those new oligarchs from the West come to power, they’ll spend the tax money — and most of that comes from us — on their cronies.

  5. They’ll try to Halicize Ukraine, and we Easterners will become second-class citizens. Our kids will have a problem getting into Kyiv universities.

  6. So you see, it’s not about democracy, it’s just us against them.

  7. We’d rather become autonomous and deal with our oligarchs ourselves.

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