Political Chromatology

If you were to counter an orange revolution, what color would you choose? Yanukovich’s supporters chose blue: bad choice — blue flags evoke no fighting spirit. Besides, as this post‘s title hinted in vain, it all gets reminiscent of an old, old Pink Floyd song, Corporal Clegg:

Corporal Clegg
had a wooden leg
he won it in the war
in nineteen forty-four

Corporal Clegg
had a medal too
in orange and in blue
he found it in the Zoo

For better or for worse, orange is a winning color. Princes of the House of Orange beat all kinds of opponents at home — Arminians, Republicans, Patriots, whatever — to say nothing of their hapless Scottish antagonists across the straight. For decades, Orangists dominated Ulster, and despite the IRA’s bombs and Catholics’ one-time fertility, the outlook is not so bad for the Unionists.

Orange vs. green in Ukraine? No way: green would bring back unpleasant memories of the Civil War, and, besides, those Irish almost always lost.

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