[“The secret to becoming a successful right-wing columnist”]

Kevin Michael Grace, The Ambler, concludes:

The secret to becoming a successful right-wing columnist is to echo the mob while complimenting yourself on your daring. That’s all there is to Ann Coulter’s craft, the rest is exploitation of the sexual masochism of the American male—he just can’t get enough of the kitten with claws.

To be honest, I think there are plenty of Ann Coulters, male and female, in Russian journalism and even more in the Russian blogging sector (concentrated at LiveJournal.com). They aren’t nearly as successful, both in terms of the market share and the money pocketed, as Ann.

The key to becoming an influential columnist must be to echo the mob so as to send back a properly modified sound, which many in the crowd would still take for a genuine echo and thus substitute the columnist’s thoughts for their own. As far as it is possible.

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