Give me your cure, your greenhouse gases

Actually, the Institute of Physics didn’t predict the 2m tons of emissions, as Scott Burgess shows. Never mind. Alok Jha’s message soars above this nitpicking:

During the eating marathon of Christmas day, spare a thought for the effects of the over-consumption on the Earth. While we make merry and indulge in too much turkey, mince pies and wine, our planet has to live with the hangover of extra greenhouse gases.

As the Russian joke goes, “Do you suffer from sexual pathologies? –No, I enjoy them!” We all know global warming is good for Northern countries, especially for Russia and Canada. Besides, St. Petersburg, the poison spring of political evilness, may get washed off. Party on, Britannia!

On a more positive note, Christmas shopping seems to have its up side. As a nation, we burnt 134,100m calories Christmas shopping last year – enough exercise to burn off 725m mince pies.

Right but running around shops makes you breathe harder, see? And that means more CO2! That only demonstrates the wisdom of my breath-measurement approach (see below).

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