Vlad the Builder

Vladimir Putin signed the so-called Orphans’ Bill on 28 December 2012 – the day when many Gregorian-calendar churches commemorated the massacre of innocent children ordered by Herod the so-called Great.

The bill outlawed the adoption of Russian orphans by US citizens, ensuring that thousands of handicapped Russian kids, trapped in dysfunctional Russian orphanages, will never have a chance to develop into functional adults.

The bill is also known as the anti-Magnitsky bill, since it was introduced into the Duma shortly after Congress had blocked entry into the US to certain Russians. Most of them are bureaucrats; all are suspected of involvement in the malicious persecution and killing of Sergei Magnitsky, a Moscow lawyer.

As I’ve said before, next time Putin might as well start dropping bombs on a random Russian town. That’s pretty much his logic. Oh, and the construction in Sochi is going ahead though a bit slow – Herod was nicknamed the Builder too. (One wonders how those Russian megathieves manage to get anything built at all.)



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