Chase off the best

Russian economist flees in new sign of pressure on Putin critics.

Not just some economist but the head of New Economic School, probably the only graduate program in economics in Russia that can compete with the best in the US, UK and EU. Without NES, how can Russia produce economists versed in the language of modern economics, of the Krugmans, the Rogoffs, the Beckers et al.? Economists capable of producing research publishable in top 20 refereed journals? Not to mention its US-style honor code and test system and its cadre of US-trained Russian professors with degrees from Harvard, LSE, PennState, Columbia, UMich, and LBS. Not to mention economists from all over the world visiting to talk about their research and discuss ideas.

It’s a shame that of all people, the rector of this great school has to stay out of Russia.

Not a minor disappointment but a big bad sign for the future.

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