Tchelitchew and Lenya


August 18, 2013 by AK

I’ve just found out that Pavel Tchelitchew produced at least two portraits of Lotte Lenya, one in 1929. Googling will give you one in a decent resolution and another in a thumbnail, and a chance there may be more out there. Tchelitchew painted quite a few images of Ruth Ford and Edith Sitwell, to say nothing of his companion Paul Henri Ford, but Lenya – who would have thought?

I discovered Tchelitchew two or three years ago when my wife and I went to see his exhibition in a private gallery in Moscow’s poshest suburb. I had not had a slightest idea of him before and have been very much interested in his work since. That’s dryly put – Tchelitchew was an artist of unique imagination and intellect.


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