Preliminary sketches for an hagiography of St. Edward of the Antipodes


August 30, 2013 by AK

The more I think and learn about his progress, the more I doubt Edward Snowden’s sincerity. Sure enough, he helped reinvigorate the old debate in the US over the necessary judicial oversight for data collection, and exposed the potential for abuse of access to private data by the government.

At what cost? Why reveal things that had nothing to do with privacy – what’s wrong with the US spying on China and the UK snooping on some Middle Eastern fiefdoms? Won’t do much harm to the free world if you ask me. And Moscow as the final destination – of all places.

Now it looks like Snowden sought Russian hospitality as early as in Hong Kong, and one is tempted to ask whether it was in Hong Kong that it all began, or somewhere else and somewhat earlier. How much earlier?


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