In the Knox-Sollecito trial/circus – now in Florence – Prosecutor Crini began his “summation” today, which is really a long, boring rehashing of the same pseudo-evidence that has been long discredited by the defense and independent experts. Crini probably knows how defense will rebut his arguments but he must go on.

For instance, he talks of a female shoe print on the victim’s pillowcase even though it was clearly shown in 2009 that there was no such print. Clearly as in, anyone with half a brain can see it. Yet the guy thinks he can get away with an obvious lie.

And why does Crini have no new facts to rely on and has to regurgitate old claims, no matter how thoroughly debunked? That’s because the fact-finding phase of this third trial failed to yield new facts favorable to the prosecution.

One witness repeated his extravagant theory that his brother had killed the British girl. Two Carabinieri officers have tested the kitchen knife, found no victim’s DNA, and produced an unexpectedly professional report. It contrasts with the criminal sloppiness of Patrizia Stefanoni, the police expert exposed as a quack by by two independent academics during the 2011 trial.

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