Flag Day

In the quote below, the workers are not merely being investigated – they were detained yesterday and police were planning to bring a misdemeanor charge:

Six workers are being investigated after they accidentally painted a high-voltage transmission tower in southern Moscow in Ukraine’s national colors.

It gets better: a man has been stopped and detained by St. Petersburg police for wearing a yellow and blue cap with the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Not sure if it’s something out of Švejk or the town of Glupov but I remember anecdotes about Soviet authorities stamping out any color schemes remotely reminiscent of pre-Soviet flags. The Lithuanian flag – yellow, green, and red – must have haunted them each spring, smiling from flowerbeds.

The Kremlin, however, has declared these blue-and-yellow lines in Red Square harmless.

By the way, today is the day of the national flag in the Russian Federation.

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