Who is Professor Lorenz Haag?

Google “Lorenz Haag” agency or “Lorenz Haag” Agentur, preferably using the Verbatim option, and you’ll get results like this:

Western leaders “must abandon anti-Russian rhetoric, lift sanctions imposed on Russia and closely analyze and understand motives behind Russia’s actions,” in the Ukrainian crisis, the head of the German Global Communications Agency said on Monday. “Ukraine must be a neutral buffer state not making part of NATO or the European Union,” Lorenz Haag told ITAR-TASS.

But does Prof. Haag exist at all? The answer is yes, but…

That is, the only professor Lorenz Haag mentioned on the Net is an “honorary professor” at an Institut für Wirtschaftsnahe Innovation in Chemnitz, near Leipzig, Saxony. “The Institute for Pro-Business Innovation”, more or less. The Institute seems to have ties to the Russian Aerospace Federation, and Lorenz Haag has been the Federation’s representative in Germany since 2009.

Who, then, is the “prominent German analyst”, “head of the Global Communications Agency” Lorenz Haag? One thing I’ll bet you, die Agentur für Globale Kommunikation is a fiction.

For more details, try searching “Lorenz Haag” on Twitter.

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