“Why are we still living in the shadow of the reformation?”

Asks Rupert Everett. Why, indeed? And what is he talking about?

He’s talking about Soho’s being “gentrified” at a rate threatening its existence. Well, if “decadent” is used as “delectable”, I guess “gentrified” can be a swear word. But why is Soho on the verge of extinction?

At first, this article in The Independent first explains that Soho cannot carry on as a hub for the gay community: gentle and gay don’t go well together, the author seems to believe. But it soon turns out it’s more about music: one club’s closure “will limit young artists’ chances to showcase their talents, ultimately affecting the British music industry.” That sounds bad — until we’re told the problem runs deeper:

In April, Rupert Everett featured in a documentary, Love For Sale, looking at the impact gentrification was having on prostitution.

He asserted that Soho brothels were closing and being forced into suburbia.

“For many people, there’s a real attachment to Soho,” he said. “In fact if I had a home, it would be Soho. It’s important it doesn’t lose its rough edges.[“]

I wish I had your problems. Curiously, Everett has downgraded “reformation” to lowercase but is being suspiciously heteronormative in implying the sex workers are female.

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