“Why are we still living in the shadow of the reformation?”


December 8, 2014 by AK

Asks Rupert Everett. Why, indeed? And what is he talking about?

He’s talking about Soho’s being “gentrified” at a rate threatening its existence. Well, if “decadent” is used as “delectable”, I guess “gentrified” can be a swear word. But why is Soho on the verge of extinction?

At first, this article in The Independent first explains that Soho cannot carry on as a hub for the gay community: gentle and gay don’t go well together, the author seems to believe. But it soon turns out it’s more about music: one club’s closure “will limit young artists’ chances to showcase their talents, ultimately affecting the British music industry.” That sounds bad — until we’re told the problem runs deeper:

In April, Rupert Everett featured in a documentary, Love For Sale, looking at the impact gentrification was having on prostitution.

He asserted that Soho brothels were closing and being forced into suburbia.

“For many people, there’s a real attachment to Soho,” he said. “In fact if I had a home, it would be Soho. It’s important it doesn’t lose its rough edges.[“]

I wish I had your problems. Curiously, Everett has downgraded “reformation” to lowercase but is being suspiciously heteronormative in implying the sex workers are female.


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