Good news from Rome, at last

I did not expect Italy’s supreme court (Cassazione) to acquit both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito outright: I was, in fact, rather skeptical that Knox’s conviction would be reversed at all, and did not hope for a straight acquittal “for not having committed the crime,” which is exactly what happened about an hour ago.

The reversal of their acquittal in 2013 and the shameful retrial that followed made a pessimist out of me but it’s important that the 2013 ruling came from the so-called 1st Section of the Cassazione, whereas today’s/yesterday’s decision was by the 5th Section, a different set of judges. I’m pleasantly surprised and humbled by this ruling and I’d like to thank these five people for having done the right thing, at last.

There plenty of other people who have worked for the innocence cause… the next stage is the ECHR, I imagine, where Knox will be contesting her “calumny” conviction.

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