Now this is the real coup

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The punishment came swiftly for 2,745 judges who were dismissed by the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors on suspicion of being connected with the abortive coup… A member of the country’s highest constitutional court, Alparslan Altan, was detained on Saturday…

The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors terminated the membership of five of its members after the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office issued an order for their arrest. Four remain in custody. Also, 48 members of the Council of State were detained. Out of 140 Court of Appeal members, who had been detained over suspected links to the Gulenist movement, 11 remain in custody…

When the government starts arresting scores of judges and stripping them of their judgeship, it is committing a constitutional coup.

A separate question is whether it was humanly possible to identify 2,745 judges and over 2,000 servicemen as suspected plotters virtually overnight. It seems pretty clear that Erdoğan’s security services had compiled lists of opposition-friendly judges and officers well in advance of the so-called coup. Now the alleged mutiny has provided a convenient pretext for arresting them.

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