Emersonian seeds everywhere


September 18, 2016 by AK

H. L. Mencken wrote in The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1913) regarding the philosopher’s radical vegetarianism and belief in “natural methods of healing”:

Nietzsche had read Emerson in his youth, and those Emersonian seeds which have come to full flower in the United States as the so-called New Thought movement – with Christian Science, osteopathy, mental telepathy, occultism, pseudo-psychology and that grand lodge of credulous comiques, the Society for Psychical Research, as its final blossoms – all of this probably made its mark on the philosopher of the superman, too.

Emerson must have cast quite a shadow if Mencken’s genealogy is correct. Sergei Prokofiev was a devout Christian Scientist, a serious reader of Mary Eddy Baker’s Science and Health.


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