Rereading Les Particules élémentaires

One of the two protagonists in Atomized by Michel Houellebecq reminisces:

Oh, maybe I felt a little sad—but in a very general sort of way. “God Himself cannot undo that which has been done,” as some Catholic writer said somewhere.

Lev Shestov spent half his life telling whoever would listen it isn’t so: if God be God, He will be able to do anything, even if it’s against the laws of logic He Himself created. For He is the Lord of logic no less than of all else.

…if it is not God who is the source of truth and of possibilities and impossibilities conditioned by it; if truth stands above God as above man, equally indifferent to God and man, then God is as defenseless as mortals. His love and mercy are helpless and impotent.

(From Kierkegaard and Existential Philosophy.)

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