Why shouldn’t the Kremlin like President Clinton II?

The Kremlin should not mind at all a politically vulnerable, ailing person in the White House. Secretary Clinton fits the description perfectly, assuming that her digital trail and health are truly the sad affair her detractions claim they are.

Besides, she is an intelligent, hence intelligible, machine with quite some mileage, reliably predictable. By contrast, DJT is allzu menschlicher – weak like all of us but capable of a random, knockout uppercut. He also looks physically robust. These are the qualities – or appearances – the Kremlin would prefer to be restricted to its own occupant-in-chief.

The sheer size of the correspondence made public by WikiLeaks and unearthed by the FBI in the past months indicates that its content will take a while to fully process. It could have enough pith and a smoking gun or two for a credible impeachment case against President Clinton II. However, why would Moscow want president Kaine? Aren’t a drawn-out investigation and a presidency mired in chronic scandal the best of all worlds?

A separate question is whether the Kremlin has its own cache of toxic information to keep Clinton II on a short leash. In any case, chances are that, in relative terms, Moscow has very little on Trump and a good deal on Clinton.

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