A lovely job

By Google chance, I’ve come across this micro-memoir by Laura Gascoigne:

It was a front page story about the Cambridge Rapist who had just been caught after a major manhunt… What I learned from the paper was that he was our odd-job man. Mr Cook, as we knew him, had decorated my bedroom, and a very good job he had made of it too.

More testimony to Cook’s handyman skills from another lady:

I still keep my clothes in a drawer repaired by the Cambridge Rapist, signed in chalk on the side-panel. Well, he did a lovely job on it.

Back to Laura Gascoigne:

Years later I sat next to Mick Jagger at a dinner and for some reason the subject came up. I told him Mr Cook had never laid a finger on me and he replied that it didn’t say much for my sex appeal, after which I spilt soup in his lap.

It wasn’t hot enough.

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