So much he could understand that you can’t

Luciano Mangiafico, a retired American diplomat and the author of two books and many more articles, wrote this in his 2013 piece on Giacomo Leopardi:

Franco D’Intino, a professor of modern Italian literature at La Sapienza University in Rome, and the co-editor of the recent English edition of the Zibaldone, has stated with reference both to the translation and editing of the Zibaldone:

“It has been very, very challenging because it’s a very long text – huge, full of quotations in Greek Latin, French, Spanish, English… One cannot master all that Leopardi mastered – that’s the point. There is so much that he could understand that you cannot because you are not an encyclopedic man of the 18th or 19th century. He was a genius, and I am not!”

Although a genius, the great master had a sense of humor so this would probably amuse him – for a while.

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