Bad movies

Phil Christman writes in The Hedgehog Review:

Some bad movies… reveal through sheer lack of self-awareness the incoherencies and solecisms of the culture that produces them. These sorts of movies fascinate me in the way a too-honest idiot does, after he’s had three or four drinks…

…Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time exemplifies this sort of badness.

I know little about movies so I’m taking the author on his word. I gladly join him in admitting the tonic qualities of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space. Unfortunately, most bad films are boring and so are many good ones. Bad books are boring almost without exception. It’s a relief to hear that good bad films are still being made but I have my doubts over the Wrinkle’s eligibility.

Like many memorably bad movies, A Wrinkle in Time is full of moments that, if done in a self-aware spirit, would constitute unanswerable satire…

(More purely absurd is the moment when Reese Witherspoon transforms into a flying lettuce.)

Reese Witherspoon transforms into a flying lettuce: the universe made whole again – for it feels, to me, a logically satisfying metamorphosis. It is perhaps the least absurd episode because it feels so right, so appropriate, whatever the reason.

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