A great military power

The BBC’s Russian service reported on Monday (the translation is my own):

The prosecution in the MH17 crash case has claimed that at least two Buk missile launchers were dispatched from Russia to Ukraine in 2014 but one of them broke down along the way.

It never made it to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, according to the BBC. The other one did, unfortunately.

It’s perhaps illustrative of the way Russia works – Russia, that resurgent great power – except the private sector of its economy, I should add. Two anti-aircraft launchers were sent to the Donetsk region to act against Ukrainian war planes. One of these got stuck on the way and failed to reach its destination. The other one arrived where it was supposed to and shot down a civilian plane. Perfect efficiency.

Of course one could argue that chaos is in the nature of hybrid wars but don’t they have an affinity with certain Russian ways of doing things?

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