Quadrillion II

The Quadrillion to the fourth power argument graces an insane, dangerous and all-over anti-American lawsuit. As if it weren’t enough, now the states of New California and New Nevada have filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Texas abomination.

It all reminds me of this 22-year-old story about a Nebraska judge:

Nebraska authorities removed [Judge Richard] Jones from office for reportedly lobbing firecrackers into another judge’s chambers, signing court documents as “Adolf Hitler” or “Snow White” and setting bail at anywhere from 13 cents to “a gazillion pengos.”

Gazillion would look so much better – more appropriate – on the Lone Star filing. The ruling by Nebraska’s Supreme Court, however, only mentions a “zillion pengos,” not a gazillion:

Jones also admitted to possibly setting a bond in a false currency for “a zillion pengos.” Jones testified that the effect of this was the same as not setting any bond at all.

Obviously, that wasn’t the principal reason for his removal from the bench. Even this was not at the top of the list:

Jones admits to signing plea forms with the names “William Ryan,” “Judge Creeder,” “Adolf Hitler,” “Snow White,” and “Mickey Mouse.” However, Jones states that he did so in order to keep court employees “on their toes”…

A bigger problem for Judge Jones was – as follows from the ruling – his having harassed a female judge for years and having behaved in an offensive manner against another fellow judge. He was extremely obnoxious in his conduct towards his colleagues, which proved him unfit for the bench.

Likewise, the quadrillion part in the Texas lawsuit isn’t much compared with its essence, a “seditious abuse of the judicial process” in the words of Pennsylvania’s AG or his clerks.

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