[Bush II]

An explanation may be in order. My distrust for Bush stems, first, from a personal dislike. I just can’t stand the man; although Bush is not the blockhead the liberal press depicts, Gore and Kerry, I trust, are finer persons.

As for Bushite policies, my skepticism comes from the right side. The war in Iraq, I fear, is deepening and broadening a chasm in the heart of the West, and damaging the already troubled Western civilization. I am not a geopolitical or cultural relativist: the West must survive, and the Middle East can go hang if need be. Similarly, Bush’s inaction on the immigration front increases the chance of the “old” majority getting swamped by newcomers.

Finally, I am an elitist in that I believe every nation’s elite has its mission and duty; on the other hand, the common people may be benighted and ignorant yet deserve compassion or, if one is incapable of it, hatred — but not contempt.

(“Plain and Plainer.”)

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