Milano Inter as an HC

I do watch TV at times; I even watch sports. In summer, it’s Formula One; in winter, biathlon. This weekend, I turned the box on to see Sweden and Russia playing ice hockey. “Spengler Cup,” said the caption. Well, I thought, perhaps hockey — especially hockey-watching — does exemplify the West’s decline, but wouldn’t soccer be more representative? Here‘s the real story:

The Spengler Cup is the oldest European tournament for club teams. The Cup was donated by Dr. Carl Spengler of Davos, Switzerland in 1923 with the understanding that Germany and Austria would be able to represent themselves internationally with the best club teams. (At the time, those country’s national teams were banned from official International Ice Hockey Federation competitions in the wake of World War I).

The Spengler Cup is played every year in Davos, Switzerland between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Five teams participate in the tournament, with a select team from Canada usually included. (Canada first competed at the Spengler Cup in 1984). The Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League were the first North American professional team to compete at the tournament when they took part in 1996 and finished fourth.

After a round-robin series, the top two teams meet in the final game.

Did you say 1923? Just a year after Oswald S. had completed Part II of the Untergang. We desperately need a Huntington Cup. Canadians take note.

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