Before History’s tribunal

As one Russian LiveJournal blogger remarked, if David Irving deserves three years in jail, Anatoly T. Fomenko deserves the firing squad.

Fomenko, a member of the Russian Academy of Science, is a distinguished mathematician with an all too avid interest in history. Starting with legitimate concerns about radiocarbon dating methods and discrepancies in old chronicles and astronomic maps, Fomenko went on to create a wholly new chronology of world history. Its central feature is the absence of antiquity as we know it: Fomenko claims all artefacts of the ancient world were manufactured in the Middle Ages. Moreover, I have read, with my own eyes, in a brochure by two Fomenko disciples and popularizers, that Jesus Christ and emperor Constantine were the same person, and Homer was a medieval prince, a certain Count Homer.

I should add that Fomenko’s denial of antiquity goes back at least as far as to Nikolay A. Morozov (1854-1946) and even to Newton, but that’s no mitigating circumstance.

“The list of his supporters includes such famous figures as Chess World champion Garry Kasparov,” according to Wiki.


  1. How about intellectually executing Kepler, Galileo or Einstein? Bad guys everywhere, seeding discontent in the academical masses…

  2. Actually, none of them was a oddball in the eyes of the academic community. Not crazy enough, building on the work of their predecessors. But I have read of a gentleman living in Ukraine who has invented 10,000 new chemical elements and a new periodic table, discovered a method for cold thermonuclear fusion, suggested a way to turn stone into water, and so on… now that’s a Fomenko of natural science.

  3. (Better a late comment than never commenting:)

    None of them was an oddball in the eyes of posterity. But Darwin’s predecessors sure laughed and winced at his “outrageous” theories too.

    That gentleman in Ukraine is, unlike Fomenko, not well versed in the instruments of his trade. He is a _pure_ inventor, Fomenko is not. Fomenko knows the field of archeoastronomy very well, and what he presents paints a bleak picture for history as we know it.

    But he is also not a very good historian, and thus he starts fantasizing too much on the shards of the history he just broke into pieces.

    But there is no doubt that Fomenko’s attack on history is very serious, since it takes a lot of very skilled historians and physicists to keep him at bay.

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