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Tomorrow On Monday, it will have been five years since 9/11/01. It is sad how much the world has changed since that dreadful day, and not for the better. Freedom, political and otherwise, has suffered, and in this sense, one can say the 9/11 terrorists succeeded.


  1. Oh for God’s sake, give it a rest with all this pedantic harrassment, La Russophobe. Alex(ei)’s is one of the few blogs I still read and I can’t say your recent splenetic outbursts here have added much to my enjoyment or edification. I’ve paid a few brief visits to your site and I’ve never quite worked out whether you are a Russian or not, but if you are, I think you need to realise there’s a big difference between healthy self-criticism and morbid self-hatred.. A reading of George Orwell’s “Notes on Nationalism” (with particular reference to the section “Negative nationalism”) might help. Alex(ei)’s shown he’s quite aware of many of the problems and absurdities of contemporary Russia and, while I don’t necessarily agree with everything he’s written, his posts have always been intelligent, erudite and cogently argued. From what I’ve seen, your site would improve immensely if your criticisms were more selective, but you bury some valid points under acres of spiteful trivia, such as gloating over Maria Sharapova’s recent lack of success at tennis merely because she happens to be Russian. I don’t know what your intention is, but you have an “image problem” (the title of your blog doesn’t help for starters). You may not mean to, but to me (a non-Russian) you come across as a purveyor of monomaniacal bigotry and I wouldn’t blame any Russian reader for dismissing you outright as a vindictive crank not worth paying attention to. I may be wrong but, unlike you, I don’t think Russia’s problems are likely be solved by grovelling self-abasement on the part of its citizens. Please leave one of my favourite blogs alone and stop being such a “blogroach”.

  2. Pointing out factual errors in “pendantic harrassment”? Gee, that’s just what the Politburo said about Solzhenitsyn, now I know how he felt.

    Spiteful trivia that Maria Sharapova, the world’s highest paid female athlete, is an outrageous sham receiving more attention and compensation than players with much better records? I think not.

    Your personal opinion is, of course, utterly detached from the facts. La Russophobe is the most trafficked Russia speciality blog in the world. If it’s not to your taste that’s fine, don’t read it. Frankly, we don’t want you to. But I didn’t say A SINGLE WORD about the overall quality of Alexei’s blog nor did I make any personal comment about him, just pointed out a fact error. In response, you lauch a personal attack on me and my blog, proving that you are ONE GIGANTIC HYPOCRITE even as you arrogantly pretend to be on higher ground.

    You know, people like you (cowards who contribute nothing to anything) always say things like you just wrote about people like me. Whites were constantly telling Martin Luther King to be a “good boy” and sit down and shut up, and even more so Malcolm X. The politboro told so many people this that they started sounding like a broken record.

    “Monomaniacal bigotry” huh? Well, get your head out of the sand fella. Only a true monomaniac of the haughtiest, most insular kind makes pronoucements like that.

    In short, I’m really, really disapointed to find out I’m not your favourite blog and will be crying myself to sleep every night for at least a week to ten days. Happy now? Or would you, great humanitarian that you are, prefer me to kill myself?

    LOL. What a loser you are.

  3. To La Russophobe: “Pendantic harrassment”? I don’t think anyone’s accused you (or Solzhenitsyn for that matter) of subjecting necklaces to unwelcome attention. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I think viewing Alex(ei)’s posting his holiday snaps as evidence of a “neo-Soviet mentality” is the behaviour of a blogroach. I was just trying to tell you how you come across on the Net (you might be as nice as pie in real life) but let me add one thing: for someone so concerned about the persistence of Soviet attitudes in modern Russia, you don’t seem to have grasped the concept of private property yet. This is Alex(ei)’s personal blog and he’s banned you from commenting here. On the other hand, since you’re apparently Solzhenitsyn, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X all rolled into one, perhaps you deserve special consideration. Drop us a line when you win the Nobel Peace Prize. All the best from a coward who doesn’t have the moral courage to attack teenaged tennis stars.

  4. J.CASSIAN: HYPOCRITE!!! So, apparently if YOU point out an error it’s just fine, but if anyone you don’t approve of does so, then they are committing an act of HARASSMENT, right? Wow, it’s really clearly how deeply held your convictions are, very admirable.

    Alexei has done an outrageous thing in reporting as “fact” unconfirmed, unsourced statements from anonymous Russian blogs about the Kondopoga incident, and using these statements to accuse the Associated Press of inaccuracy. This conduct is outrageous and will be responded to no matter what Alexei wants.

  5. Nope, you still haven’t grasped the concept of private property. There’s no hope for these Neo-Soviet types…

  6. JCASSIAN: A blog isn’t private property you moron. It’s on the web in public domain. If you open the windows of your house, you can’t have someone arrested for looking inside. Well, YOU can, because you are a Neo-Soviet stooge. But a normal person can’t. If Alexei can’t take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

  7. ANONYMOUS: You’re obviously a racist, so it’s rather amazing hypocrisy for you to complain that someone else is. Sadly, I’m not that surprised that Alexei would leave your odious comment on his blog. Abuse is clearly fine with him, as long as it’s directed at the right target and not himself. What a hypocrite! Meanwhile, you racist piece of dirt, I’m not Jewish.

  8. “La Russophobe”, a.k.a. Kim Betty, a.k.a. Kim Zigfield, posts her insanely hateful diatribes on just about ANY public internet forum concerning Russia.

    All her posts are roughly the same in tone, a mixture of egotism, petty hatred, and virulent xenophobia. She often completely misrepresents other commentor’s arguments, and not necessarily to prove her own points but rather to belittle her adversaries. Nearly anything regarding Russia, no matter how inane, can be twisted to show “what a pathetic country” it is, or “what an ignorant people” Russians are. She occasionally tries to claim that she cares about Russia’s future, or bemoans Russia’s lack of stature in the world, when at most other times she very publicly wishes for Russia’s demise. Furthermore, she is CONSTANTLY posting her diatribes, to such an extent that some bloggers have suspected “her” of actually being a Putin-hired plant, to drive up positive commentary on Russia as a reaction to her ridicule (How could anyone have that much spare time? Is this ALL she does?). Arguing wth her is about as intellectually stimulating as playing solitaire: entertaining at first, but ultimately pointless.

    A dominatrix couldn’t be more spiteful, a schizophrenic couldn’t be more illogical, and a robot couldn’t be more unceasing; she has already been banned from several other blogs, and I imagine several more bans will be forthcoming.

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