As expected, the Florence court confirmed the ridiculous “guilty” verdict rendered by the Massei court in 2009.

What scumbags.

It was made obvious to the judge and jury that Knox and Sollecito were innocent, and yet they refused to acquit.

I’m not going to that country until this verdict is quashed and I hope millions of Americans do the same.



  1. I’ve finally sat down to read up on this in detail after all these years and my personal opinion now is that Rudy Guede did it alone and this is a sufficient solution for the “mystery” of the murder. All the physical evidence points that way, his attempt to flee the country points that way, his criminal past and the state of his mental health point that way. A conspiracy involving Guede, Knox and Sollecito makes no sense. What is the motive for Knox and Solecito joining Guede supposed to be, once you’ve eliminated the stupid fantasy about Satanic orgies? That Knox was annoyed with Kercher for being messy? I can’t buy that.

    Last year I read Robert Harris’ novel about the Dreyfus Case and looked into some of the background as well. Much of the case against Alfred Dreyfus – apart from the simple fact of his being a Jew – boiled down to Dreyfus having poor social skills and not realising how he came across to others. Knox seems the same. Plus, of course, there was a similar lack of hard physical evidence in the Dreyfus Case and a plausible alternative candidate for the crime soon emerged.

    • I have probably invested more time and energy into studying the Kercher case than I should have, but at least I can say I know it relatively well.

      It’s not surprising that there has been a grassroots movement in support of Knox and Sollecito, mostly in the US but with sympathizers from the UK and the Continent. What remains a puzzle to me is the pro-guilt movement, which began very early, in 2008 or 2009, when Knox and Sollecito were in jail but not yet convicted of anything. There are three active pro-guilt sites on the web now, based in the US but populated mostly by Canadians, Britons and Italians; one of them completely loony, the other slightly less so.

      Some of these people are extremely active online – wherever there is an active comments section, you are bound to meet them. They use multiple identities but after a while it’s clear that it’s the old clique under new masques. They quoting from the same “red book” like Putin propagandists in a Pussy Riot or Arctic 30 discussion, and use the same tricks as Soviet agitprop – from mere lies to half-truths, from invented facts to presenting assertions as facts.

      I’m also troubled when speculative reasoning crowds out empirical knowledge. For example, the prosecution and the pro-guilt crowd keep arguing that the break-in was staged because it was hard to climb the wall and the absence of glass shards on the outside suggested it had been broken from the inside. Defense countered by having a young man from a law office climb the wall. He managed to do it in his office shirt, tie and trousers, rather neatly. In 2013, British Channel 5 had an amateur climber repeat this, which he did without much visible effort, very fast. Defense hired a forensic examiner to break a window with a similar rock. The way glass fell was very much like it did in Filomena’s room.

      The judges who acquitted the couple in 2011 accepted the defense arguments but now we’re back to square one. Another problem is Italy’s supreme court insistence that pieces of evidence each shown to be unreliable be viewed in their entirety – which is a circular argument and can convict anyone provided the prosecution tries hard enough.

  2. Yes, the window is a particularly ludicrous piece of evidence for the prosecution to have used. When I first looked at the story, I misread it and thought that the window was 12 metres above the ground. When I noticed it was really only 12 FEET, I had to laugh. Maybe I couldn’t climb that myself as I’m no athlete, but plenty of my friends could manage it – even when drunk – with no problem. It’s not a case for Spiderman, is it? It would be a doddle for someone with Guede’s track record of breaking and entering.

    As I say, you only really need Rudy Guede to explain all the “mysteries”. I reckon attention is being deflected from him to cover up police and judicial incompetence. Maybe he was a police informer, who knows? Maybe he should have been in custody for the break-ins he had committed. Had he been so then Meredith Kercher would still be alive today.

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