Pictures from the anti-invasion rally

Today’s rally against Russian military intervention in Ukraine was a march across central Moscow, from the Pushkin Square to the Sakharov Avenue (prospect), where the crowd was to stop and listen to the speakers. Here is the approximate route on a Google map.

The turnout was higher than I expected. Exiting the Pushkinskaya station, one would join the moving crowd near the Rossiya concert hall and walk most of the way along the Boulevard Ring. There was a bottleneck in the Petrovskie Vorota square – this is how it looked (I have pixelized some faces close to the camera).

The belltower is or was part of the Upper Petrovsky monastery. The Art Nouveau building next to the tower with a rounded corner and a white satellite dish is a 1901 apartment house once owned by the monastery. The crowd was supposed to exit the square into the boulevards through the passage between that building and the yellow one. The blue and white flags in the back are Navalny’s Progressive Party.

Another view from somewhere in the Petrovsky boulevard.

Jim Roberts tweeted this photograph from a security camera probably several stories above the ground. I believe it was taken farther along the way, to the east of the Trubnaya square. This is the Google and Yandex view from about the same spot. This shot was taken a hundred yards to the east.

A little farther down the way, by an old monastery wall and a 19-th century belltower. “Now he can occupy Crimea because he has already occupied Russia,” says the sign.

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