Flirting with the corporate state II


July 9, 2014 by AK

The Moscow sex ad mag, Flirt, keeps educating its readership on fine points of international politics. “Who needs WW3?” asks the cover of Issue 69, the answer hidden from view on pp. 2-3 but probably some variation of “AmeriKKKa”. The latest issue cuts thought to the heart of current affairs with “Project Anti-Russia: did the Holodomor really happen?”

The answer takes a whole double spread, a lot of revenue lost. But if that’s the price of the magazine’s continued existence – in the land of Yelena Mizulina – I wouldn’t be so surprised.

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  1. JCass says:

    “did the Holodomor really happen?”

    I’m guessing their answer will be no – or if it did, then there was an anti-Russian holodomor carried out by Ukrainians which was three times worse.

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