To begin with, a video of Russian activists hanging a Ukrainian flag from the Bolshoy Kamenny bridge near the Kremlin and getting detained by cops. This very Sunday morning.

On to Yulia Latynina on Ekho Moskvy:

The “tower desecration” case. What does it mean, desecration – is that tower a temple? At least Pussy Riot sang in a church. What’s going to be “desecrated” next? A 5-story apartment building?.. A garbage heap? What religious cult does the tower stand for?.. are we officially at war with Ukraine?

For me, the goings-on about this high-rise indicate that it’s a major-league crime that has greatly offended one person… most likely the one at the helm of the state because I can imagine how orders were given to investigate…

In the Moscow region, police are searching for a gang of criminals who kill drivers for no apparent reason. Along the Don highway [connecting Moscow with Rostov-on-Don on the Azov Sea] the gang’s mode of operation is this: …late at night, they would throw a spiked metal object on the road… the driver would get out and they would kill him without taking anything…

Imagine a gang, a maniac operating like that, murdering people in the US – and at the same time, someone raising a Canadian flag, say on the Empire State Building… when the Washington sniper was killing people just so, all America was in panic and the news was on the front pages. But a psychotic killer operating near Moscow killing drivers in that manner is apparently uninteresting to the people who govern the state because it has nothing to do with the Great Power idea.

It’s only my approximate translation from a transcript and I did not aim for literal accuracy.


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