Donetsk as Dogville

After seeing the photos (1, 2) of hate-infested Donetsk residents violently abusing a lady accused of being a “Ukrainian spy”, I could not help wishing that Donetsk might meet the same fate as Dogville. In the words of Brecht’s Jenny, “At noon, there will be stillness over the harbor when they ask me who should die. And I’ll hear myself reply, ‘Everybody!'”

This disgusting spectacle in Donetsk comes as a sequel to the parading of captured Ukrainian servicemen by the separatists last Sunday. The Donetsk show was supposed to mimic the 1944 German POW parade in Moscow. But the Germans were not marched with their hands bound behind the back. More importantly, the Soviet crowds were silent. Although the Nazis had caused enormous suffering (many of the onlookers had lost relatives in the war) and had badly mistreated Soviet POWs, there was no spitting or throwing stones at the German soldiers, and no mocking.

Some witnesses admitted that as they watched the dirty, sad, mistreated German boys drag their feet, they saw them as human beings for the first time.


  1. Apologies! this is completely iravleernt to your post, but neither BBC Sport nor the English FA seem to be open for this topic at present. Namely, the unwise decisions by the FA and Mr.Capello to choose the England team Euro 2012 base before the draw was made; and secondly to make knee-jerk comments sticking to the decision once the draw was made. Local knowledge shudders at the prospect of 950-mile each way Krakow-Donetsk trips, even by air, and Krakow-Kiev not much better also with the Schengen border to cross each time. lease could we have a blog on this topic, with views passed on to the FA and the UK media.

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