Oppositionists, who else?

First there were reports of forest fires in Khakasia, in the south of central Siberia, then news of great fires east of lake Baikal, near ChitaA major disaster. But Putin’s commissar in the region knows who to blame:

Nikolai Rogozhkin, the Presidential Envoy in Russia’s Siberian Federal District, suspects the political opposition may be responsible for the wildfires sweeping across eastern Siberia…

…Rogozhkin… is puzzled by the fact that fires are starting simultaneously in various parts of the region, including very remote areas, which are “impossible to reach even if you’ve had training.” He speculated: “let’s say there is a sabotage group out there, and they are instantaneously starting the fires.”

“This is not your standard situation. Forest fires are starting simultaneously in different parts of the woods. I don’t know how this is possible…

This sounds like something out of the 1930s: blame it all on enemies of the people. The man’s logic itself, taken out of context, is timeless: if it is impossible to reach the areas where the fires originated, invisible opposition ninjas must have done it. Cidu’s razor is all-powerful.


    • It looks like a film too, at least in the photos I’ve seen, except it’s real and scary.

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