“Thank you for standing with us”

Two images from Moscow.

We Remember 1915” written in red under an image painted in black on the wall of an underground walkway.

The side panel of a bus stop. In the upper right corner: “100 years 1915-2015 // April 24 is the anniversary of the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.” In the center, under “armenia futura // www.armeniafutura.com” and above the national flags: “Thank you for being with us.”

[Updated May 11.] Last Saturday, I saw that the 1915 memorial graffiti had been painted over, although one could still see its outline under the thin layer of yellow-orange paint. Municipal workers are always busy “refreshing” everything in sight in spring, especially before the May 9th holiday.


  1. Obviously, Putin’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide has little to do with concern for human rights and historical injustice and more to do with promoting his Eurasian Union. Still, it’s got him into an awkward spot with his ally and would-be disciple Erdogan, although I predict they’ll kiss and make up before too long. They too much in common. I imagine Putin drew some inspiration from the laws against “insulting Turkishness” when he was concocting his own anti-free speech, “patriotic” legislation.

    • No doubt Putin is being opportunistic as usual, using the occasion to earn points with the Armenian community worldwide and with Armenia, the latest addition to the dysfunctional Customs Union. This said, I doubt that the graffiti in the underpass had anything to do with Putin’s posturing.

      • This said, I doubt that the graffiti in the underpass had anything to do with Putin’s posturing.

        True, and good on the graffiti artists. The Armenian Genocide shows that denial can go a long way if you have a government prepared to threaten dissidents, throw diplomatic tantrums and use public money to fund negationism.

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