Putin sticks up for Blatter

Evil AmeriKKKans won’t let Sepp serve a fifth term! Brazen breach of international law!

When would Putin’s own fifth term start, in 2018 or 2024? Either way, he would be younger than Blatter is now… if… But the more vigorous this investigation, and others like it, the less inevitable both fifth terms will appear.


  1. You missed out a “K”. It’s “AmeriKKKans” as in Ku Klux Klan.

    Let’s hope that 2015 is the year things that have been obvious to most non-idiots for a long time are finally acknowledged officially:
    1. FIFA is utterly corrupt
    2. Russian soldiers are in Ukraine because Putin sent them there to stir up a war, not because they wanted an adventure holiday
    3. A Russian BUK shot down MH17

    • I’m going to add the missing K, thank you. I’m also optimistic that 2 and 3 will become mainstream views within months but I’m concerned about the Kremlin’s response to that.

      • I’m also optimistic that 2 and 3 will become mainstream views within months but I’m concerned about the Kremlin’s response to that.

        I’m not so sure. I think European politicians, and half the American politicians, have been doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to avoid entertaining these ideas in order that they can avoid making difficult decisions. Their silence allowed Putin to brush the downed airliner under the carpet in the first place, because they were terrified of finding themselves in a difficult position and actually having to do something. As with a lot of corporate managers, western politicians are happy enough to take the salary, power, and prestige but when it comes down to it don’t actually want to fulfill the more difficult parts of the job description. Leadership disappeared years ago.

        • Yes, it seems these politicians are afraid to call the Kremlin out on its lies for fear it should do something outré, like starting a nuclear war or bombing Tallinn. But “time is a gentleman,” as ItalIans say: the realization that the Kremlin is solely or primarily responsible for the downing of the plane will sink in among the general public. People will spot some weak-spined politician shaking hands with Putin on TV and wonder, how can you shake a killer’s hand like this?

  2. Will Blatter seek refuge from the FBI in Russia a la Yanukovych?

    Will Putin have a hissy fit if UEFA decide to boycott the 2018 World Cup? This might be grounds for armed conflict on the model of the Honduras-El Salvador Football War of 1969. Sounds crazy, but I think Putin’s Russia is now “banana republic” enough to do something like that.

    • I can imagine the 2018 World Cup held in Russia without most UEFA teams (and possibly without some Latin Americans), like the 1980 Olympics. Russia might even win a medal then.

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